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This is where we come from


The company NICI from Altenkunstadt, Germany, represents an unparalleled success story:
What began as a private, home-operated stuffed animal manufacturer in Michelau (Upper Franconia), Germany, in 1986 has grown to become a globally-active producer of high-quality brand name goods.

Because of high level of workmanship, the use of only the very best materials available, the typical plush cuddliness of the NICI products, as well as the on-going development of unique and eye-catching designs, we have been successful in capturing the hearts of our fans around the world.

We create the small pleasures of life every day with our own dedicated staff nestled here in the fascinating landscape of Franconia. These creations today extend far beyond the mere manufacturing of new cuddly stuffed animals.

With our wide range of products and the numerous licensed products we have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of plush toys and gifts for the whole family.

NICI values - such as creativity, enthusiasm and liveliness - all define the work we carry out every day, in accordance with the beliefs and the desires of our customers and our staff.

NICI – a world of friends.