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FAQs - Frequently asked questions


If you have a question that has not been answered here, please write to us!


Is there a NICI factory outlet?
Besides new NICI products, the NICI Outlet in Altenkunstadt also offers bargains and special items. You will find a map of how to get there on our homepage under "Contact". We look forward to having you visit! But you'll also find bargains in all our other NICI Shops.


Do you send advertising materials as well?
We use advertising materials and balloons to support our retailers in the sale of NICI products. You'll probably find a NICI retailer near you. Just ask him!


When will there be a NICI Shop near me?
Our shops are very popular – that's why we're opening new ones all the time. We often decide where and when that will be at very short notice. Have you looked in our shop-finder at our website to see where the closest NICI Shop to you is located?


I'd really love a NICI Catalogue …
Unfortunately we don’t currently produce any consumer brochures which present a complete overview of our product range. Have a look what your dealer has to offer! By the way: You can also see all of our products under and even enlarge them!


I'm desperately looking for an old NICI product ...
We're always glad that our products are still hotly sought after by our fans many years later. At the same time, our designers have lots of new ideas every day. To make room for them, we take products out of stock after a given period.
With a bit of luck, you might still be able to get hold of your favourite NICI product at Karstadt, Kaufhof, Toys “R“ Us, McPaper, the health and beauty retailer Müller or at one of the many gift shops, stationery shops or toy shops that we supply. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!


Can you tell the value of my NICI animal as a collector's item?
The value of a NICI product as a collector's item is not easy to decide. Depending on how important a given item is for somebody, the more they are prepared to pay for it. And for many of our NICI fans, their little darlings are simply priceless.
At NICI, we just set the recommended retail price for those new products that are regularly on sale in shops.


You don't have my favourite animal in your product range!
The NICI product managers and designers are very interested in which animals or characters of our fans are missing from our comprehensive product range or which ones they'd like to see there again, and include these requests when they design their collections. If your favourite animal isn't in the current NICI product range (any more), please contact! We'll be happy to pass on your requests to our designers. You might discover your favourite animal or character at your NICI retailer or online shop soon!


I am interested in mascots or promotional items for my company!
We produce mascots from XS to XXL and various promotional items for many well-known companies. Both NICI products as well as completely newly developed characters and products are possible. For further information please click here.