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02.04.2014 The Fabulous World of Ballet

A lot of little girls dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Apart from the elegance, the colour pink, and the dainty tutus, the dancing and the music are what fascinate little ballerinas most.

Category: Press Statements

19.03.2014 Summer, Sun…Holidays!

NICI starts the summer season 2014 with an elephant lady, a pelican and a lantern fish and arouses the travel bug as well as a yearning for the Caribbean sun, palm-lined beaches and the blue ocean.

Category: Press Statements

24.02.2014 My Little Pony Novelties by NICI

After the tremendous success of the first My Little Pony collection created by NICI, the company now extends the range of cute ponies.

Category: Press Statements

24.02.2014 Beautiful bumblebees and ladybirds

What could be better than to feel the rays of the spring-sun tickle on the skin after a long winter and watch nature wake up from its winter sleep and plants grow. NICI’s Happy Springtime-collection presents bumblebee and...

Category: Press Statements

20.02.2014 Affectionate, lively, playful…

In 2012, the NICI GmbH launched its dog-collection. In February 2014, the latest member of the collection, the grey-and-white Schnauzer, is enchanting dog-lovers.

Category: Press Statements

12.02.2014 Smiley for You – the new name concept by NICI

In the context of its Smiley® licence, the NICI GmbH presents the original Smiley face on various key rings.

Category: Press Statements

12.02.2014 Gifts for the best day in life

When two people say “I do” to each other, it is always a special and joyous occasion – perfect for beautiful wedding-gifts. The NICI GmbH’s Just Married collection was designed for exactly this best day in life.

Category: Press Statements

29.01.2014 Hooray for friendship!

Due to their unique and merry designs, the members of the Jolly Mäh- family have long since attained cult status. New characters have been enthusing the community with their charming appearance for years and will go on doing so...

Category: Press Statements

14.01.2014 NICI’s adventurous Australia

The Wild Friends have arrived in Australia’s outback where they encounter one of the most famous animals of the fifth continent - the kangaroo.

Category: Press Statements

23.10.2013 The monsters are coming!

After the tremendous success of the first NICI Monsters collection, NICI is going to present the second Monsters collection – which is going to be as crazy as the one before.

Category: Press Statements

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