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Quality & Safety


NICI products were brought into being to remind us all of what is truely important. Those who give NICI products as presents show genuine emotions. NICI plush is not only created with a lot of commitment, the cuddly toys and the accessories of the collection also convey the love and comfort we all need for our happiness. With every NICI gift, no matter how small it is, we sustain the love of life in ourselves and in our beloved ones in our hectic daily routine.

In order to guarantee long-term delight in our NICI products, NICI places the greatest emphasis on excellent product quality and highest safety standards. We are fully aware of the responsibility we bear, especially with regard to the safety of children. That is why we have introduced comprehensive safety precautions. We only cooperate with selected suppliers, constantly execute quality controls and conceive of the adherence to legal requirements as a minimum performance taken for granted.

Please convince yourself of our work, maintain your small daily joys and endow NICI with something we like to work hard for every day: your trust.