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The following is a small excerpt from the regulations that need to be adhered to:

  • 2001/95/EC Directive on General Product Safety
  • 85/374/EEC Product Liability Directive
  • 87/357/EEC Dangerous Imitations Directive
  • ProdSG
  • BedGgstV (Food and Commodities Act)
  • LFGB (Food and Feed Law)
  • Cosmetics Directive 76/768 EEC, from 11.07.2013 new EC Cosmetics Directive
  • REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)
  • Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EG
    • EN 71-1: 2011+A3:2014, Safety of Toys Part 1 – Mechanical and physical properties
    • EN 71-2: 2011+A1:2014, Safety of Toys Part 2 - Flammability
    • EN 71-3:  2013, Safety of Toys Part 3 - Migration of certain elements
    • EN 71-9: 2005 + A1: 2007, Safety of Toys Part 9 – Organic chemical compounds - Requirements
    • EN 71-12:2013 Nitrosamine

Product Safety


But when is a product truely safe? Which criteria must plush toys and other gift articles fulfil? Do the legal requirements suffice in order to designate NICI as a trustworthy partner?

All of these questions are on our minds when dealing with the issue of warranting the safety of our products. Therefore, we have, in cooperation with the leading provider of quality and safety solutions, developed our own handbook of specifications that defines control criteria for internal purposes. The detailed and extensive product safety regulations contained therein ensure that NICI makes all conceivable provisions for being able to guarantee the quality and safety of its products.

On the basis of this handbook, NICI also selects its worldwide manufacturers and relies on long-term business relations. Inspite of or rather due to the basis of trust we maintain with our business partners, we collectively reinforce the issue of product safety by means of regular tests by independent, certified institutions. These examine our products in extensive tests with which mechanical, physical and chemical/hygienic properties can be analysed.