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Products from Winter

Soft plush toys, cute accessories - let the cold season begin with the NICI Winter-collection! Rockhopper penguin Frizzy is a real adventurer. He has traveled from his home on the southern hemisphere to the far North, where he met reindeer Reny Heart and his friends, snowman Woddel and snow goose Dr Schnaddel. What could be better than to romp around the snow with some news friends and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa afterwards? Let the cute NICI friends take you along on a journey through their winter-wonderland!

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MagNICI Husky Swante MagNICI Husky Swante
€7.99 *
Hot water bottle owl Aurina Hot water bottle owl Aurina
€27.99 * €15.00 *
Pillow owl Aurina square Pillow owl Aurina square
€24.99 * €15.00 *
MagNICI Walrus Walbo Wabble MagNICI Walrus Walbo Wabble
€7.99 *
Pen with bobble Winter Adventure Pen with bobble Winter Adventure
€2.99 * €2.00 *
MagNICI owl Aurina MagNICI owl Aurina
€7.99 *
Purse Husky Purse Husky
€13.99 * €7.00 *
Eraser pencil Winter Adventure Eraser pencil Winter Adventure
€1.99 * €1.00 *
pencil case Husky Swante pencil case Husky Swante
€6.99 * €3.00 *
Mini key ring pouch penguin Mini key ring pouch penguin
€4.99 * €2.00 *
Sitzendes Kuscheltier Rentier Sitzendes Kuscheltier Rentier
€17.99 * €8.00 *
Blankbuch Eisbär Bignic mit abnehmbarem Plüscheinband Blankbuch Eisbär Bignic mit abnehmbarem...
€12.99 * €7.00 *