Attention NICI fans! From June 11, 2024 you have the chance to get your hands on a limited exclusive edition. With her uniquely adorable aura, Lucy is always in a good mood! She is 50 cm tall and is simply irresistibly cute and cuddly soft. She loves nature and its colors. But her favorite thing to do is marvel at the colorful rainbows during a light summer rain. She has put on her most beautiful rainbow outfit for you to match. Her best friend, the glitter frog, never leaves her side.

Information on the purchase of NICI ‘ONE OF 500’ products

Expected delivery date is end of June / beginning of July 2024.

No promotional discounts apply to this item. The pre-sale ends as soon as no more items are available. Only two ‘ONE OF 500’ items can be added per order. The shopping basket may not contain any other items. If more than two ‘ONE OF 500’ items or additional other items are ordered per customer, we reserve the right to reduce or completely cancel these orders. In such cases, refunds will be made on the day the order is adjusted.

Colorful accessories

Just one highlight of Lucy's outfit is her rainbow-colored hair clip.

ONE OF 500

The finely embroidered "ONE OF 500" label also adorns Lucy's hoof. This guarantees that you have truly managed to snag one of the limited edition animals.

Rainbow everywhere

Lucy loves it colorful! Even her socks are now boldly worn in the colors of the rainbow.