Instruction manuals

Have you misplaced or lost the instruction manual for your NICI Electronics product? No problem! You can easily download it as a PDF here. If you cannot find the manual you are looking for here, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to send it to you.

Dancing Gisela (2023)

Press the note symbol on her flower pot and Gisela starts to swing her hips to Latin music. Click here for the instructions.

Singing Panda (2022)

The enchanting Singing Panda is an animated plush panda bear with two different play modes to delight young and old alike. He is the perfect gift for all dancing mice and is the highlight at every children's party. You can download the instructions as a PDF here.

Unicorns Theodor & Cloud Dreamer and Llama-Girlfriend with LEDs and password-protected Bluetooth speaker (2018)

The pink llama and the two unicorns Theodor and Cloud Dreamer whisk you away into a world full of joy and fun. With their rain floor LEDs, they make any darkness disappear and play your favorite audio books and music via their integrated Bluetooth speaker. They are the coziest night light and the fluffiest speaker there is! Click here for the full instructions.

Unicorns Theodor & Rainbow Flair with LEDs and Bluetooth speaker (2017)

The two friends Theodor & Rainbow Flair take you into a wonderful, magical rainbow world. With their colorful LEDs, they let their rainbow light shine for you in the dark, accompany you to sleep with your favorite audio book and entertain you during the day with your favorite music. All this, of course, during a loving cuddle! You can find the instructions for use as a PDF here.

Alarm clock rooster Good Morning Buddy (2015)

Our Good Morning Buddy rooster is a cuddly toy and alarm clock in one. You can be woken up either with the typical cock-a-doodle-doo or with a pre-recorded song or saying. Getting up is child's play with this Good Morning Buddy. Click here for the instructions.

Speeking Monster Crazy Mics (2014/2016)

The Crazy Mics live on Mic Island, but are great globetrotters and can find their way around any region of the world thanks to their extraordinary linguistic talent. No matter what language is spoken, the Crazy Mics learn quickly and can immediately repeat anything you tell them. They even memorize longer messages and can repeat them whenever they need to. They are also super ticklish when you touch their tummy. They then laugh from the bottom of their hearts and infect everyone around them with their laughter. Get the instructions for use as a PDF here.

Oscar the smart owl (2014)

Learning English is easy with Oscar our talking learning owl. The little owl will greet you happily with the words "Hello, i'm Oscar the smart Owl". If you provide your Oscar with the enclosed flashcards, he will be happy to read them to you. You can find the instructions here.

Sweet Baby Cat foster cat (2013)

Our Sweet Baby Cat is the perfect pet! Feed her, nurse her back to health when she's sick and cuddle her a lot when she meows. If you take good care of her and meet her needs, she will be your best friend. Click here for the full guide.

Alarm clock dog Good Morning Buddy (2012)

Our Good morning Buddy alarm clock dog is the cuddliest children's alarm clock there is. The Dalmatian, the Golden Retriever and the black Labrador make getting up a lot of fun with the wake-up song "Who let the dogs out". Click here for the instructions as PDF.

Ninu the talking bear (2011)

Ninu, the talking bear, conjures up cheerful playtime fun in every nursery and will become a very special companion. But the cuddly soft teddy bear can do so much more: Ninu answers questions, suggests games when bored and also tells friendship and bedtime stories. You can find the full instructions here.