Collect NICI points

Collect NICI points with every purchase and exchange them for future orders!

How and where can I collect bonus points?

For every €2 in your shopping cart (excluding shipping costs), you will receive one collection point, which will be credited to you from the day your order is delivered and collected digitally in your NICI online store account.

What is the value of a bonus point?

For each bonus point you receive the equivalent of €0.10.

How do I redeem bonus points?

In the check-out area “Complete order” you can choose how many of your collected bonus points you would like to redeem. A maximum of 100 bonus points with a total value of 10,- € (excl. shipping costs) are possible per order.

Do my bonus points expire?

The bonus points collected are valid for 36 months from the time they are credited to your bonus points account. At the end of the 36 months, these bonus points expire. The expired bonus points will be canceled from your account. After you log in, your account will show you how many bonus points you have and how long they are still valid.

Terms of participation

You need a customer account in the NICI online store. Guest customers will not be credited with collection points.

NICI may adjust or terminate the collection program at any time without prior notice. In this case, there is no entitlement to compensation. The collection program is only valid in the official NICI online store.

The redemption of bonus points cannot be combined with other discount or promotion codes. Cash payment is not possible.

The general terms and conditions of NICI GmbH apply.

You still have collection cards with unredeemed collection points

Started trading cards

Send them to us by post to the address below by 31.12.2024 and we will credit the points you have collected by then to your digital bonus point collection with a value of €0.10 per collection point.

Full collection cards

Until 31.08.2024 you can send it to us by post together with the reward order form to the address below and redeem it under the previous conditions:

  • 1 trading card = a NICI key ring of your choice up to a maximum of €7.99 non-binding retail price

  • 2 trading cards = one item of your choice up to max. 19.99€ non-binding retail price

  • 3 trading cards = one item of your choice up to max. 39.99€ non-binding retail price

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