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Products from Schlafmützen


The Schlafmützen cuddly toys make going to bed fun for children. These guys in striped nightcaps and pajamas accompany their human owners to bed and fall asleep with them. Simply pull the nightcap over the cuddly toys' eyes and off they go to dreamland. High time for kids to close their eyes, too. Sweet dreams!

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Bedtime story bear Schlummsi in green pyjamas Bedtime story bear Schlummsi in green pyjamas
€58.19 * €24.25 *
Cushion-head fox Finjo Cushion-head fox Finjo
€19.39 *
Cushion-head owl Olafina Cushion-head owl Olafina
€19.39 *
Cushion-head penguin Koosy Cushion-head penguin Koosy
€19.39 *
Cushion-head unicorn Fyala Cushion-head unicorn Fyala
€19.39 *