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Products from Forest Friends

Come on and join the fluffy Forest Friends cuddly toys on a journey through the woods! Lovingly designed characters and mainfold gift items with NICI’s forest dwellers bring us into the mood for a day in the woods and accompany kids as well as grown-ups through the day. 

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 Schlüsselanhänger Eule
€6.99 *
Schlüsselanhänger Hase Schlüsselanhänger Hase
€6.99 *
 Neck pouch Forest Friends
€9.99 *
 Magnettier Waschbär Rod
€7.99 *
 Keyring hedgehog-boy Henny
€7.99 *
 Pencil pouch worm Erwin
€14.99 * €7.00 *
 Coin purse beaver Willi Woodfeller
€7.99 * €5.00 *