The GLUBSCHIS gang is getting bigger and bigger!

Four new lovable GLUBSCHIS characters join the colorful troupe. The yellow bird Jubidi is a lightning-fast flyer and can hardly wait to flutter into your arms. Zoggy the goat has lifelike fur and is a talented climber. The cute meerkat Speeky is always alert and looks after the rest of the family. The last in the group is Stribby the tiger, with his preference for orange-mango lemonade. All the new additions are available in 15cm and Zoggy the goat and Speeky the meerkat are also available as key rings.

Also new in the GLUBSCHIS range: Dalmatian Dottino and Rainbow Candy bunny are now available in 25cm lying down!
 All new GLUBSCHIS will be available from June 2024 in well-stocked toy and gift shops, online, in department stores, consumer and drugstore chains and in NICI stores.