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Love is...

Love is...

...when a unicorn, a mouse and a bunny from the new GLUBSCHIS Love Edition by NICI give deepest affection with a red glitter heart. With the new Love Edition from the successful GLUBSCHIS product range, NICI once again promises "love at first sight" for the adorable collectible plush friends with loving designs, passionate details, appealing colors and the usual high-quality materials.

With the three original GLUBSCHIS from the sustainable NICI GREEN product world, loving parents will find the perfect gift idea for their child, little girls for their best friend or freshly fallen in love for any occasion.

The adorable, pink unicorn Wubbi Wub, the lovely mouse Luvi Nubi and the heartwarming bunny Hearty Kay from the GLUBSCHIS Love Edition are real messengers of love. The 15 cm high friends made of fluffy soft cuddly plush, which is made of recycled materials, the typical big glitter eyes, the color-coordinated glitter fabric and the NICI star, which identifies the three GLUBSCHIS as originals, ensure lots of collecting fun and quality time! If the hearts of small and large cuddling and collecting friends are not  directly taken by storm?

Wubbi Wub, the unicorn and record holder in cuddling friends, is not only fluffy soft, but also delights with a red 3D glitter heart, pink metallic effects on the forehead horn and legs, a bushy plush tail, an adorable facial expression and the big glitter eyes. The white cuddly mouse Luvi Nubi, on the other hand, holds her glitter heart in her hands and enchants with pink metallic inserts on her ears and feet. The pink plush bunny Hearty Kay is just perfect for cuddling and loving. Doesn't he look adorable with his long floppy ears, pink nose and red 3D glitter heart in front of his belly?  

The three new GLUBSCHIS characters will be available from November 2022 in well-assorted gift and toy stores, online, in department stores, consumer and drug stores, and in NICI stores throughout Germany.