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A Lonely Wolf Off-Key. What on earth is that howling sound in the woods which has already alerted all of the forest dwellers? Following the agile squirrel Quincy Oak, a lonely wolf now feels attracted to the Forest Friends' woods: Woody Wulf has an unrecognised talent for singing.

For weeks now, a mysterious howling has been echoing through the woods. The Forest Friends are wondering who is making those persistent attempts at singing. When they finally follow the strange notes, they find Woody Wulf, a lonesome wolf, who is futilely trying to get a melodious tune into his howling.

Without further ado, they come up with an idea: Who could sing better than Robin Redbelly? He offers to instruct Woody Wulf immediately, since he cannot bear to listen to the howling wolf any longer, just like the other animals. Maybe a Forest Friends Choir will seize the world of musik and accords in the near future....